3 Terrific Image Editing Software for Perfect Your Royalty Free Images

There are many terrific bloggers out there who craft engaging content every day, but their images suck big time. In this age in which competition in the blogging space is stiffer, one simple mistake can bring you down. That's why you must take the time to edit your free stock images to perfection. These free image editing tools will help you along that vein.

- PickMonkey is a proven editor to make your royalty free images look their best

If you’re looking for a popular image editing software out there, PickMonkey is a great choice. It has a fee and paid option. The free option offers a host of image editing options that can make your royalty free images look their best. Some unique features you'll find when using this photo editing software including custom effects (that offers your photos good color and softness), image adjusting (to make your images sharper), and image touch-ups (that fixes blemishes, whitens teeth and gets rid of red eye). You can also use the free version to touch up your photos and add text to it. 

PickMockey is pretty easy to use. You only need to upload your photos to the platform and start editing them. While the software lacks social media templates to utilize for your photos, it makes it incredibly effortless to crop your images to your desired size. One thing that makes PickMonkey stand out from the crowd is that you can save your edited photos to the cloud. You also only need to do your touch ups and edits at once, and you’re ready to download your final product to your computer. PickMonkey also comes with a blog feature, where you can get useful tutorials to help you get attuned to its features. If you want to take your photo editing up a notch, you can upgrade to the premium version, which costs $4.99 per month.

- Canva is a cool editor to tweak and finesse your royalty free images

Most bloggers swear by Canva because it's able to edit photos adapted to blogs. In other words, the editor can generate Photoshop-quality graphic images just with the free basic option. The unique thing about Canva is that it has the drag and drop functionality that makes it easy to easily move and size images, as well as add text boxes, shapes, and fonts.

This software makes your editing easier, thanks to the more than one million pre-existing photos and graphics to choose from. Better still, you are free to upload your images and use them. Another thing that makes bloggers swear by Canva is the availability of thousands of templates to start you off, as well as elements such as free fonts and icons to use. You will love this photo editing tool if you're a beginner because it comes with a design school, which include a host of tutorials to help you get attuned to all the features offered by Canva. You can also upgrade to the premium version any time, which comes with a monthly subscription of $$12.97 moving up.

- Use Pixlr to tune up your royalty free mages

Most bloggers, especially first-time ones, cannot afford expensive image editing software; which is why Pixlr is a good alternative to Photoshop. Pixlr is a free image editor, adapted to non-designers. It comes with almost all the features and tools you would need in a photo editing software. Some of the tools and features include selection tools (lasso tool, marquee tool, and wand tool), blending tools (blur tool, smudge tool, and sharpen tool), and editing tools (gradient tool, clone stamp tool, and paint bucket). This is a must-have tool for any blogger that wants to edit their images on a small budget. Getting a terrific image starts with finding it, then editing it and finessing it to apparel to consumers. Most royalty free images found on photography websites are not finished products. Therefore, you can take advantage of the tools above to tweak and finesse them to your liking.

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