5 Websites Where You Can Find Amazing Royalty Free Images

Royalty Free Images

It’s very easy to take good-looking photos these days. Almost every person owns a smartphone with a camera and taking a photo is as easy as 1, 2, 3. However, this doesn’t mean that every photo you take is suitable for professional use. On the contrary, you still need a high-quality photo, made with a powerful camera and by an experienced and/or talented photographer. Many website owners know this, but they are still avoiding adding images to their content or they are simply downloading images from other blogs and websites and use them as their own. That’s wrong on many levels.

If you want to enrich your content with adequate, high-quality images, you should know that you can do this for free. Just go to the best websites offering royalty free images. Keep reading this article to check the list of the top 5 websites for downloading amazing royalty free images.


Pexels is a very interesting website that offers images that belong to different categories. From breathtaking landscapes and contemporary office photos to cityscapes, Pexels is the perfect source for free images for your small business website. The images on this website have a Creative Commons Zero license. The only downside here is the frequent ads and pop-ups.


This is another example of a great website used for downloading royalty free photos. The platform is packed with a wide array of artistic, high-resolution photos. If you are interested in a memorable background, you can’t go wrong with Unsplash. From close-up and animals to landscapes, this website has it all. Unsplash can invest more in the interface, but other than that, this site is perfect.


Ryan McGuire is an experienced photographer and he has decided to offer some of his photographs to the public for free. He is obviously a very talented and versatile photographer that has photographed literally every scene and object from humorous portraits to household object close-ups. If you like his style you will find dozens of interesting photos here with CC0 licenses.

The Stocks

The Stocks actually works as an aggregator that collects royalty free images from different sites. All the resources are manually selected which means that you can expect high-quality work. Besides photos, you can also find royalty free vector art and illustrations. In addition to the free photos, you can also find beautiful, inexpensive photos too.