What You Need to Know to Sell Products on Amazon

If you are planning to start selling products on Amazon, stop and think. There are things you ought to be aware before you start selling. It is really worth the time to check things out before you venture out. Perhaps you think: ‘I am already acquainted with the Amazon marketplace; after all, I have been a buyer here for years.’ You may find that it does not work like that.

Your experience as a seller here will be far different from anything you knew as a buyer. You need to start learning about some of the most valued listing positions found in Amazon. Also, determine the method you will use to ship your products out of the Amazon warehouses. Learn about some costly mistakes that every seller needs to avoid to succeed.

You need to ask yourself important questions. For instance, what is the Amazon buy box? How exactly does Amazon decide to apportion it to sellers? If you want to find the list of sellers, just browse on Amazon. You will easily navigate to the main page of products. Next, click on the offers link and you will find the list of sellers.

Magical Buy Box

In time, you will discover that Amazon offers sellers the opportunity to compete for the much sought-after “Buy Box.” For these reasons, it is crucial for sellers to know how the buy box works and what it is.

You will find the buy box in the product detail page. This is where customers routinely add items to shopping carts, beginning the process of buying. This box allows customers to purchase items quickly. They usually buy from the Featured Seller.

One excellent feature of the marketplace is that several merchants can sell similar products. It is, therefore, considerably difficult for a buyer to win the buy box. This would enable one to attain the status of a featured seller. It is a bit unrealistic to think that your items will ever be ranked high enough to attain this status. The good thing is that there are other ways to make profits on Amazon even without this Buy Box.

Conditions to Fulfil to Get the Buy Box
• Have a professional seller account

Remember that only professional merchants have permission to buy the Buy Box. For you to make money, you must use money.

• Differentiate between the Buy Used Box and Buy Box

You will find that separate boxes exist for new and used products. If you sell used products, you cannot be featured in the buy box. At the same time, you cannot feature new products in the Buy Used Box. You should try to use the Buy Used Box. It is another way of getting some good cash.

• Stock Items

If you run out of items suddenly, you will forfeit your buy box spot instantly. This will be given to another seller who has that specific item in stock. This means that you need to ensure that you have an adequate supply of necessary items. You will never be 100% sure of getting your spot back even if you restock later. Loss of the Buy Box also means loss of sales. You don’t need to facilitate this unwanted state of affairs. To prevent this, ensure your inventory is always well stocked with required items.

• Check Eligibility Status

While chasing the Buy Box prize, it’s crucial to check your eligibility status. This you can do within the central Amazon Seller account. Remember that despite meeting all conditions, you must still be recognized as an Amazon merchant with a sales history spanning at least 2-6 months. Besides, you must have demonstrated a high level of sales tracking.

How does Amazon set the merchant list order? This question is important because you can make some cash selling on the merchant offers list. This can happen despite not getting the Buy Box. Amazon really values the best practices of e-commerce. For this reason, make sure to do everything necessary to achieve profitability on this platform.

Factors affecting your Position in the Merchant List

As a merchant, what history do you have on Amazon? If you want to take one of the top places on Amazon, you need to build a long, positive selling history with this fabulous marketplace. Make sure that you take care of any negative reviews and customer service matters effectively and quickly. This is vital to ensure that the seller succeeds by maintaining a good sales history.

Competing for offers

The more the sellers in a marketplace, the more difficult it is for merchants to climb high up. Considering this, it is good to find products featuring fewer competing sellers. Once you do this, it will be easy to get your items featured in more competitive spots. Who knows? You might even purchase the Buy Box. Because you are first to pick on trends, you may also discover some popular products long before they become famous! Before the market flooding over with sellers, develop a reputation as a high performing seller.

Competitive pricing

You should make both the product and shipping cost competitive for your prospective buyers. While browsing at Amazon, many shoppers expect to find low prices and are disappointed if they don’t. To beat the completion, be ready to price everything competitively to satisfy this and other cadres of prospective customers.


If you want to maximize results on Amazon, you can use the Fulfilment method. Indeed, this is one of the wisest things you can do to increase sales in Amazon.

When you venture out to selling on Amazon, it is important to know your business well. You need to know just what you are getting into. This bold enterprise to sell in Amazon can actually open up amazing business opportunities. If you do your homework well and focus on the right business elements, you can take your success selling on Amazon to the next level. This can be realized within a short time.


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